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Declaration of Asia Africa Peoples Conference, April 2015

“60 years of Asian-Africa Conference and beyond: Asia-Africa towards the vision and reactualisation
of the Spirit of Asia-Africa in a Multipolar World”

Peoples of Asia Africa, Civil society of Asia Africa,
Women and men of Asia Africa,
Groups and communites of Asia-Africa,
Recalling the Asia-Africa Conference 1955 which embodied the spirit of emancipation and solidarity
across Asia-Africa,

Reaffirming that peace, justice and development have been borned out of the spirit of Asia-AfricaKRAA1 FIX
Conference 1955, and that have been deeply enshrined in charters of nations and citizens of Asia
Africa, be those in constitution and in regional cooperations,

Recognising that solidarity and emancipation of Asia-Africa nations is very fundamental in making the world liveable and possible for all humankind,

Gravely concerned that conflicts and violences, food crisis, destruction of natural resources, deprivation and depossession, shrinking role and obligation of state, domination of corporations, marginalisation towards minorities, all of those poses critical challenge to the world of all,

Convinced that Asia-Africa nations, in which civil society of Asia Africa play a very strong role, shall reinvegorating the spirit of Asia Africa:

Declares that peoples of Asia-Africa shall reasserting the control to decision making of present state’s, regional’s and world’s affairs, be it through constitutional rights in each of nations, and through larger human rights advocacy in the region and around the world,

Declares that peoples of Asia-Africa shall be in the heart of recapacitation of state, fully understanding that it is fundamental to fleshen out the ethical basis of independence of nations, fully determining that state shall rein to economic affairs, especially where now corporations imposing their own rein to most human affaris,

Declares that peoples of Asia-Africa shall strive on responding to destruction of natural resources, and shall put relevants governments accountable and put corporations responsible to those destructions.

Declares that peoples of Asia-Africa shall embody the promotion and protection of human rights. These very rights recognised by international norms and protects the integrity of life of human in time of the role of peoples of Asi Africa on constructive work on progressive realisation of civil and political rights, and economic, social and cultural

Declares that peoples of Asia-Africa shall call for international effort to respond to present armed conflict and its impact, including of refugees, money laundering, summary executions, hungers, and different forms of deprivation.

Declares that peoples of Asia-Africa shall strive on responding to challenge of inequality in preset society. Inequality, including those of social and economic, mock the ideals of human dignity. The peoples of Asia Africa are determined on reasserting the rights-based development and social justice at its very advocacy.

Jakarta, 18th April 2015

Organizations: Asosiasi Petani Indonesia (API), Asosiasi Pendamping Perempuan Usaha Kecil (APPUK),
Bina Desa, Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ), International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development
(INFID), IHCS, Jaringan Anti Tambang (JATAM), KONTRAS, Koalisi P uan
Indonesia (KPI), KRUHA, Migrant Care, Sawit Watch, Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI), WALHI.

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