Tuesday , 26 June 2018

IGJ’s View: Condition of the Right to Food in Indonesia

On April 9-18, 2018 Hilal Elver, as the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, visited Indonesia to see the conditions of the right to food in Indonesia. In his mission to visit Indonesia, Hilal Elver intends to hear and see firsthand food policy in Indonesia
from relevant stakeholders (Government, National Commission on Human Rights, and Civil Society Organizations). 1 It is utilized by Indonesia for Global Justice and other civil society organizations, to convey the right to food conditions in Indonesia. Several points
have been submitted by Indonesia for Global Justice in its meeting with Hilal Elver (Special Rapporteur UN on The Right to Food) at the National Commission on Human Rights (KOMNAS HAM).

>>>Condition on The Right to Food in Indonesia_English

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