Critical Review Towards Act No.24 Year 2000 on International Agreement:
“Indonesian Law about Power Binding Towards
International Agreement and International Trade Agreement”

Key Points:
• The use of word ‘ ratification by an act in UUPI has caused misunderstanding towards the process of
binding to international agreement.

• Regulation Article 10 and Article 11 Verse (1) has no avail to determine correctly the criteria of
international agreement categorization and the consequence to the form of ratification.

• The role of the government is major in determining the role of house of representative to agree or
disagree with the international agreement on foreign loans/grants.

• Trade Act as a correction towards International Agreements Act has been failed to achieve,
it was because the unclear division and categorization in Act of Trade. At the end, the government
gets more power to international agreements. As consequence, check and balance function of House of
Representative (DPR) is failed to achieve.

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