Disampaikan saat Konferensi Pers Gerak Lawan – SMAA, 3 Desember, di NGO Center Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center.

Regretting our President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono statement who said “win-win” solution, this is a sign that our farmers, fishers, Indonesian people is facing even bigger threats.

Actually, we do not need a “win-win” solution. Now, the time to take back our rights. We need to protect our people from malnutrition; We need to protect our jobs, protect our people from poverty; We need to protect our environment and worse impact of climate change.

What the US and Europe do, by giving big subsidies for their agriculture, while we, the developing and LDC countries keep being halted from providing subsidies to our farmers–that’s not a win-win solution.

Similiar with the LDC pakage which is going to be traded with trade facilitation is not win-win solution.

But those things are kinds of tricky negotiations, and have put the people’s rights at the lowest consideration.

Therefore, this morning, We had mobilization in Bali, with around 1,500 fishers, peasants, women, youth, and indigenous from around the world, and we stated that the WTO MC-9 is the climax failure of the WTO multilateral system–so that morally and politically the ministers do not need to continue the negotiations.

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