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Press Release of IGJ: It’s not enough by only Increasing the Exports, but the Government is Urged to Improve Trade Policies Structurally

Jakarta, June 18, 2019. Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ) considers that it is not enough just to pursue the value of exports by increasing FTAs to improve the condition of Indonesia’s trade balance. This is because the problem of Indonesia’s trade balance deficit is due to structural problems in trade performance that affect the foundation of the national economy in …

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Report of the 7th round of negotiations for a FTA between the EU-Indonesia,11-15 March 2019, Brussels

Officials from the EU and Indonesia met in Brussels from 11 to 15 March 2019 for the 7th round of negotiations for an EU-Indonesia Free Trade Agreement. The EU negotiating team was led by Ms Helena König, Deputy Director-General DG TRADE at the European Commission, while the Indonesian team was led by Pak Iman Pambagyo, Director General for International Trade Negotiations at the …

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A Solidarity Statement  by the Forum against Free Trade Agreements From 8-9 January 2019, ten central trade unions and several independent federations across India will join together in a historic general strike. This will manifest in transportation, banking, public services, construction and manufacturing, amongst many other sectors. Given that for the first time, agricultural workers and farmers have also called …

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ISDS Reforms Shove Human Rights Under Corporate Red Carpet

For immediate release 11 September 2018, Incheon, South Korea: Trade union, women’s and environmental organisations from across the Asian region came to Incheon, South Korea this week for a regional meeting of the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). “We expected to discuss real reforms to a fundamentally flawed international arbitration system that gives investors the right to sue …

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Revival of EU-ASEAN trade a wrong move—EU-ASEAN Campaign Network

The EU-ASEAN FTA Campaign Network, a regional campaign network called the revival of trade negotiations between the European Union and the ASEAN, a “wrong move” that could further exacerbate inequality and erosion of peoples rights in the region. Reacting to news reports that quoted Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez, announcing “exploratory discussions” of an ASEAN-EU working group, EU-ASEAN Network issued the …

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