Jumat , 17 Agustus 2018
epa04964748 United States Trade Representative Michael Froman (C) is flanked by international counterparts during the closing press conference after an agreement was reachef by twelve Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) member countries, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 05 October 2015. Twelve Pacific Rim countries reached an agreement 05 October on a trade pact that will lift most duties on trade and investment, set new business standards and protect intellectual property rights. The TPP countries include the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. EPA/ERIK S. LESSER

Terjemahan Teks Perjanjian TPP

Dari 30 bab yang ada di dalam Perjanjian Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ) telah menterjemahkan 3 bab, yakni Bab 9 tentang Investasi, Bab 17 tentang BUMN, dan Bab 18 tentang Kekayaan Intelektual.  Silakan dibaca lebih lanjut :

18-Chapter-1-Intellectual-Property (Bahasa)

9. Investment Chapter (Bahasa)

17.-State-Owned-Enterprises-and-Designated-Monopolies-Chapter (Bahasa)


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