Indonesia Focal Point For Legally Binding Treaty Initiative

Written contribution to the Second Session of the Open-ended inter-governmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights

30 September 2016

The frame of contribution


  1. The Indonesia Focal Point for Legally Binding Treaty Initiative, hereinafter IFP, is a coalition of Indonesians organisations working on human rights, migrant workers, women rights, environment, rule of law, indigenous groups, right to water, and other protection of rights of groups. The IFP would shared some contribution for the benefit of the formulation of the intended “legally binding instrument” (hereinafter LBI) as established by resolution A/HRC/RES/26/9. As such, IFP intend to contribute continuously and positively for the process, eventually, to the legally binding instrument.


  1. This contribution take the process of the debate so far on the subjet, and the process of first session of the Intergovernmental Working Group (hereiafter IGWG). The contribution consider greatly the situation of Indonesia, and also Asia-Africa, as those regions have been to seek normative foundation of human rights governing transnational corporations and other business enterprises (hereianfter “TNC”). Some on this contribution take general approach, and case-approach to highlight the fundamental condition for the establishment LBI

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